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No longer posting on Live Journal - Life, Words & Rock 'n' Roll
No longer posting on Live Journal
Hey guys, I just realized that I totally forgot to cross-post the three blog entries that I wrote this week and I feel like that was a sign. I'm trying to make my life a little less complicated this year, so I'm going to be blogging solely on my blogspot blog from now on. It seems to be where I get the most comments, etc and I just find it a little easier to use especially since it is ad-free. If you have major objections, go ahead and comment and I may reconsider. But otherwise go check out my last three entries at http://stephaniekuehnert.blogspot.com. There is one about the stuff I did during my time off in December and some tough realizations about my writing career that it led to for the New Year. There is another with a great band recommendation and some I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE fan art. And most recently there is an interview with YA author Eileen Cook about her latest book. Hope to see you over there!
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